The 5w's of the Deep State

By Chad Carroway

The 5W's of the Deep State

WHO are these citizens of this ghostly tribe? As I can recall, the first I remember hearing the combination of the two words was in a film starring Will Smith and Gene Hackman, fittingly called Enemy of The State. I mention Hollywood purposely. When America sees the (DS) splashed across the press, whether digital or old fashioned pulp—my favorite—it begs to question how many initially think of celebrities and the images that have been produced? These Jason-Bourne type molds cast men and women that are intelligent, highly agile, strong, keen in intercepting oncoming aggression and of course, able to move about un-detected in urban settings globally.

Consider the tactics in these dark operations. Just a couple of the amazing examples are injecting mysterious tranquilizers into the neck of targets, quickly stashing the unsuspecting victim into a van within seconds and then speeding away to undisclosed locations.

It is not a stretch of the imagination as to HOW this could have happened. Let me share a chilling example that I use to intentionally frighten my youngest (8-year old) son.

On the morning of June 10, in 1991, a sex offender named Phillip Garrido quietly pulled up alongside a 10-year old little girl on her way to the neighborhood bus stop in a quiet Lake Tahoe community. She innocently assumed the man would ask for directions. When he rolled down the window, he shocked her unconscious with a stun gun and abducted her. The kidnapping took no longer that 10 seconds. Garrido, with the help of his wife, grabbed Jaycee Dugard, chunked her little frame into the back floorboard of a Chrysler sedan and fled for a 3hour run back to California. Dugard would spend 18 years in captivity under Garrido’s torture…ultimately be freed with her two children, both fathered by her kidnapper (22 years her senior) by him.

So…if a bumbling pervert and his demented wife can accomplish this deed, imagine what a team of militarily trained, capable operatives can do with better tools, tech and planning.

The techniques of the counterintelligence community are certainly secretive. We know of umbrella tips used to project small-caliber executions at subway terminals, even low dosage radiation darts being mysteriously placed into the body of a target by passers-bay.

WHEN should the American be concerned about the Deep State? Currently, the everyday citizen in plain sight, plain clothes, living a simple life, may be the indirect target of the DS. In contrast, the word “coup” is truly a word flaunted in DC when the integrity of a party leader is in question. The flippant employment of this accusation has crept close to a “card” unashamedly pulled (race, gender, etc.) for political weaponry.

Casey Kasem coined the phrase… “Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars.” This clandestine element that has built a reputation may not be so elusive after all. Like all other groups, chapters and organizations, the Deep State surely has to have a mantra, spoken or not, an agreed practice if you will. We all have certain words, phrases and statements that we recite in order to self-check. Possibly this cell of the invisible marauders has lost its restraint among the indiviual operators within its ranks.

Has the Deep State reached too far? Did the operative pool of conspirators within the US government expose itself due to political fervor-unfeigned?

Be on the lookout as the indiivual, governed citizen…Where you live out your life of freedom is exactly WHERE the Deep State will be…hidden of course.